How To Choose The Perfect Toss Pillows For Your Living Room

Toss pillows are the key to unlocking the living room of your dreams. But choosing the right toss pillows for your space isn’t always the simplest task. What color should the toss pillows be? What type of texture should they have? How big should they be? What’s the point of toss pillows? These are all super valid questions that don’t always have a single answer. However, there are certain design rules of thumb that can help you figure out which toss pillows are the best choice for your style, your space, and your sofa.

The Two Main Categories Of Toss Pillows

Toss pillows come in all different shapes, sizes, textures, patterns, and colors. It’s important to know which type of toss pillow works in which type of space. There are essentially two types of toss pillows: ones for your back and ones for your head. Pillows that are designed primarily for lower back support are known as lumbar pillows. These are traditionally smaller and rectangular. Pillows for your head are known as… pillows. When it comes to pillows for sofas, the ones that are best for your head or your entire back are typically square. Here’s a quick guide for when to choose a lumbar pillow vs a square pillow.

  • Formal Settings: Rectangular pillows help set an eloquent, formal tone for your living room
  • Sofas With Fancy Details: Choose a rectangular pillow so you don’t obstruct your sofa’s fancy features like button-tufting, diamond tufting, or rolled arms
  • Binge-watching Netflix: Square pillows will help keep you comfy for the long haul
  • Big, Comfy Sofas: Keep things big by using square pillows that encourage people to lounge

The Formal Living Room

If your living room is arranged in a way that doesn’t make the TV the center of attention, then there’s a good chance that you have a formal living room. Another good indicator is whether you have sofas that encourage reading as opposed to sleeping. The rules for formal design are quite a bit different than those for casual design. As such, there are stricter policies when it comes to toss pillows. Here are some of the best toss pillows for a formal space.

The Crowe: This pillow has enough neutral tones to enforce a sophisticated look while also bringing serene colors to the space. The thick weave, the linen fabric, and the piped edges all make this a wonderful choice for a formal space.

The Crowe Toss Pillow is perfect for a formal sofa, especially one that could use an extra pop of serene colors

The Moorland Eco-Friendly Sofa in Cream is practically designed for the Crowe Toss Pillow

The Tabitha: The Tabitha is another rectangular, lumbar pillow. The diamond pattern makes it a great accent for sofas that have tufting. The blue and yellow colors are the perfect combo. And it has a nice firmness to it that reinforces its formal nature.

The Tabitha accentuates the pattern of your sofa. It’s also nice and firm

Pair the Tabitha Toss Pillow with our Jackson Sofa in Navy for a beautiful, formal look!

The Portner: With a healthy helping of jazz age charm and sophistication, the Portner is an excellent choice for an elegant space. It looks incredible when paired with a contemporary, white sofa.

The Portner is a throwback to a classier era. It looks great when paired with a sofa like the Fillmore

The Fillmore Sofa in White is the perfect sofa for the Portner Toss Pillow. The metal frame and tufted cushions are perfectly-suited for the Portner’s jazz-age design

The Comfy Living Room

Is your living room the space where you and your family sprawl out to watch TV together? In this case you’ll need an entirely different type of toss pillow. You’ll need toss pillows that are soft, cozy, and don’t leave a pattern on your face after you lie down on them. Here are some great choices for a big, cozy couch.

The Ophelia Shag Pillow: Plush. Soft. Muppet-like. There’s a lot to love when it comes to the Ophelia. It’s a great pillow for maximizing your sofa’s comfort.

Is that a muppet or a pillow? Does it matter? The Ophelia Shag Toss Pillow is as comfy as it gets

Throw the Opheila Shag Pillows on the Tuxedo 4 Piece Modular Sectional for the comfiest experience of your life

Revival Stripe Wool Pillow: With a blend of 85% Merino wool and 15% cotton you know this pillow’s going to be comfortable. The fact that it features bright, primary colors is a fun perk

Bold primary colors? Check. Soft material? Check. Fun pattern? You bet. The Revival Stripe Wool Pillow has it all

The Melrose 3 Piece Sectional in Blueberry looks stunning when paired with the Revival Stripe Pillow

Horizon Velvet Pillow: OK this one might leave a pattern on your face, but it’ll be totally worth it. The velvety feel of this pillow will make you never want to leave your sofa

A velvety smooth texture makes the Horizon Velvet Pillow a dream come true

The Tuxedo is deep, soft, and fluffy. All it needs is the Horizon Velvet Toss Pillow to make it perfect

Need a comfy sofa? Check out these Apt2B sectionals!

Pairing Pillows

As the saying goes, the more the merrier! And this is never more true than in the world of pillows. However, the more pillows you add to the style equation the more choices you’ll need to make. Not to worry – we’ve got some great tips and ideas to help you pair your toss pillows to create an eye-catching combo.

The Apone Ikat Toss Pillow & the Dietrich Toss Pillow create a dazzling blue and yellow color combination. They also share many of the same triangular, geometric pattern elements that will unify the style of the sofa.

Remember that blue and yellow color combo idea? Use the Apone Ikat Indigo pillow as the larger, foundational pillow in a color pair.

The Dietrich Toss Pillow will look great when placed in front of the Apone. This will create a lovely contrast to enhance the color combo.

The Dress Like Coco Toss Pillow & the Ophelia Shag Pillow look wonderful when paired together. The message on the Dress Like Coco pillow matches the glamorous, fun energy provided by the Ophelia.

Feeling bold and brassy? Using your pillow to lean on while you sip white wine? Then the Dress Like Coco Toss Pillow is the pillow for you.

Yes, the Ophelia Shag Pillow is again the perfect choice for this arrangement. The white, fluffy pillow evokes the same vibe and style as the Dress Like Coco Toss Pillow. The color match is an extra bonus

The Burke & the Gorman are a handsome pairing that work extremely well together in a more masculine setting. Great for a leather sofa or if you want to pull in the leather aesthetic to a space.

The Burke Toss Pillow exudes a sense of masculinity and provides a nice, foundational base tone for pillow pairing

The Gorman adds all the pattern and complementary colors that the Burke lacks. The Gorman has leather straps that tie in the leather theme

Ready to choose the right toss pillow for your living room? Then hop on over to Apt2B’s full collection of toss pillows! You’ll find everything you need to create your perfect living room.

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