Step Inside AGT And Rising Star Caly Bevier’s First Apartment

“There’s something special about you,” said music industry titan, Simon Cowell on national television to a fresh faced, young contestant. And boy was he right. But Simon Cowell didn’t even

Drinking With Customers

As the official landlords of Apt2B, co-founders Alex and Mat wanted to take some time to get to know their “residents” (that’d be you guys). And, clearly, what better way to do that then to get out of the office and into your homes. We invaded the apartments of three Apt2B residents with pizza and beer for some good ol’ fashion college drinking games. Power hour? Two truths and a lie? Spin the bottle? Find out how it all unfolded below!

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Mat Herman, co-founder of Apt2B, is not only a furniture whiz but also a sports fanatic. He started cheering for the Cleveland Cavaliers as a little boy and still continues

My Houzz: Kristen Bell Treats Her Sister to a Bright New Basement Featuring Apt2B Products

Unlike Sarah Marshall, Kristen Bell is someone you definitely don’t want to forget. Have you seen her more than stellar performance in Bad Moms? And not to forget how this

Décor Ideas For The Win | The Couple from 2D

Guest Post By Jayme Lamm Somehow, someway, I was born without the fashion, makeup, cooking or creating and decorating a house gene. I can throw a softball faster and further than most,