Understanding Fabric: An Essential Guide From Apt2B

Fabrics are as diverse and unique as our customers. There’s no single fabric that is best suited to all people in all situations. That’s why it’s important to understand your

Speed Dating With @theautismcafe

Speed dating is a weekly series with some of our favorite brand evangelists.  Today in the hot seat is the amazing Eileen Lamb, creator of The Autism Cafe.   Eileen (@theautismcafe)

We Came, We Saw, We Furnished: The Undefeated Players’ Lounge At The ESPYS

The Undefeated is an online editorial platform sponsored by ESPN that is, “the premier platform for exploring the intersections of race, sports, and culture.” Apt2B furnished their celebrity lounge for the

Apt2B + AR: Realize Your Furniture Future With One Click

Technology, at its core, is all about improving the quality of our everyday lives. It powers our communication, it guides our cars, and it connects us in new and exciting

Rock On! Our Music Festival Furniture Takes Center Stage In Your Home

If you’ve checked instagram in the last few weeks then you’ve undoubtedly noticed a recurring theme – everyone is at a music festival! Yes, summer music festival season is in

Speed Dating With Erin Robinson

Speed dating is a weekly series with some of our favorite brand evangelists. Today in the hot seat is Erin Robinson, an LA-based entertainment host and on-air personality. Erin Robinson