Understanding Fabric: An Essential Guide From Apt2B

Fabrics are as diverse and unique as our customers. There’s no single fabric that is best suited to all people in all situations. That’s why it’s important to understand your

Velvet, It’s Better Than Cheddar! Introducing 6 New Plush Velvet Fabrics

What’s better than cheddar on a slice of apple pie? Velvet upholstery on your Apt2B sofa, that’s what! Apt2B always provides the most comfortable, durable, and beautiful fabrics for our

Introducing Quick Ship: Built-To-Order Furniture That Ships In Only 3-5 Days

What’s better than a made-in-the-USA, built-to-order sofa that ships to your home with free white glove delivery? How about speeding up the construction process so that it only takes 3-5

Introducing The Samson Collection In All Its Glory

Earlier this year we introduced our Delilah Collection. Not only is it a gorgeous addition to the Apt2B catalog, but it’s also proven to be one of our best-selling styles.

DIY: Make Your Own Custom Fabric Chair | #2BHack

Kyle Schuneman is back with another brilliant #2BHack! First he showed us all how to create a new DIY fabric lamp shade. Now he’s here to show us how to