Fall Head Over Heels For These Fall Trends

Being a Los Angeles company it can be hard to tell when the summer heat ends and the fall heat begins.  We have to rely on the reemergence of the

Introducing The Samson Collection In All Its Glory

Earlier this year we introduced our Delilah Collection. Not only is it a gorgeous addition to the Apt2B catalog, but it’s also proven to be one of our best-selling styles.

Apt2B + AR: Realize Your Furniture Future With One Click

Technology, at its core, is all about improving the quality of our everyday lives. It powers our communication, it guides our cars, and it connects us in new and exciting

Urban Sofa Beds For Your Grown-Up You

Urban sofa bed. Futon. Sofa bed. Convertible sofa. Click Clack (yes that’s real). These convenient sofa/bed hybrids go by many different names. No matter what you call them there’s no

Trend Alert: Fringe Is In

Fringe has always been, well, on the fringe of fashion and design. Fringes and tassels add a sense of class, visual appeal, and comfort to pillows and rugs. You see

Affordable Statement Chairs That Look Like A Million Bucks

We get it – you want your home to be instagrammable, magazine-ready, and unique. But you’re not exactly raking in the big bucks. That’s where we come in! Here at