DIY: This Folding Wall Art Table Is A Small Space Lifesaver | #2BHack

Resident Apt2B designer and small space guru, Kyle Schuneman, shows off one of his most clever and useful hacks yet! Watch as Kyle transforms one of our Apt2B Art Prints

Back To School: Why You Should Treat Yourself

Backpacks. Trapper keepers. Crayons. New clothes. Kids get all sorts of fun new stuff during the back to school season. Why shouldn’t the parents get some fun things, too? After

Japanese TV Gets A Taste of Apt2B’s Furniture Expertise

TV producers from the hit Japanese reality show “Fantastic Researcher” knew exactly who to call when they needed American experts for their special home furniture episode – Apt2B. Within hours

Happy 4th of July with Apt2B

Celebrate The 4th Of July With Apt2B

The 4th of July is as American as a bald eagle wearing a baseball cap, drinking a beer, and shooting a rifle from the back of a pickup truck. It’s

Sunday Funday Flash Sales Are Here!

Sunday Funday is perhaps the finest cultural invention of this generation (sorry YOLO). Sundays used to be about church, calling your mom, and mentally preparing yourself for another week of