Speed Dating With Traci Stumpf

Speed dating is a weekly series with some of our favorite brand evangelists. Today in the hot seat is Traci Stumpf, an LA-based TV host, stand-up comedian, and actress. Traci

Personal Space: Kyle Schuneman Shares How He Designed His Own Home

Our CEO Mat Herman sits down with designer Kyle Schuneman to hear how a designer actually designs his own space. If you’ve been following Apt2B at all then you know

Speed Dating With Chel Loves Wine

Speed dating is a weekly series with some of our favorite brand evangelists. Today in the hot seat is Chel Loves Wine, a blogger from the big city who knows

My Houzz: Watch Kyrie Irving Tell Dad ‘Thank You’ With a Remodel by HOUZZ Featuring Apt2B

Mat Herman, co-founder of Apt2B, is not only a furniture whiz but also a sports fanatic. He started cheering for the Cleveland Cavaliers as a little boy and still continues

My Houzz: Kristen Bell Treats Her Sister to a Bright New Basement Featuring Apt2B Products

Unlike Sarah Marshall, Kristen Bell is someone you definitely don’t want to forget. Have you seen her more than stellar performance in Bad Moms? And not to forget how this

Décor Ideas For The Win | The Couple from 2D

Guest Post By Jayme Lamm Somehow, someway, I was born without the fashion, makeup, cooking or creating and decorating a house gene. I can throw a softball faster and further than most,

A Kyle Schuneman Makeover Story: Megan Hilty & Brian Gallagher’s L.A. Guest House

Ho Ho Ho, everyone! It’s an Apt2B Kyle Schuneman Makeover Story: Holiday Edition! We wanted to do something very special to end the year right and were lucky enough to

River’s Big Boy Room! A Makeover Story by: Kyle Schuneman

Hello there Apt2B’ers – Kyle Schuneman here – taking over the blog to bring you a special project I designed and collaborated with Apt2B on.  One of the biggest dilemmas I get

My Houzz: Ashton Kutcher Surprises Mom With the Basement of Her Dreams Featuring Apt2B Products

It is a well-known fact that if you are a woman you want to be with Ashton Kutcher and if you are a man you want to be Ashton Kutcher.