5 Ways To Make Your Living Room Really Pop

The living room is the most-used space in the average American home. It’s the gathering space. It’s the relaxing space. And, most importantly, it’s the room with the big TV. We spend countless hours hanging out in the living room. That’s why your living room decor feels like it gets stale more quickly than other rooms in your house. You end up looking at the same artwork, the same coffee table books, and the same furniture day in and day out. If your living room is starting to feel a bit tired then now is the time to give it a burst of life. Here are the best methods to make your living room really pop!

Lighten Up

Lighting plays a dramatic role in the aesthetic of a space. Recessed lights, track lights, table lamps, floor lamps, Christmas lights, China balls – they make a huge difference in the way people see and experience your space. People often wait until they’ve finished decorating a space to choose their lighting. This is a mistake.  Instead of using that built-in dome light that was installed in the ‘80s, try lighting the room with floor lamps. The difference between overhead and floor lighting will have a huge impact. Even swapping out an old lamp shade for a new, more colorful lamp shade can do the trick! Play around with your lighting and watch as it changes the entire dynamic of your space.

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Nothing will make your room pop like a new sofa

Take A Load Off

If the most-used room in your home is the living room then the most-used piece of furniture is the sofa (we’re not counting the bed because that’s just unfair). Can you remember how long ago you got your sofa? If you don’t know the answer to that question right away then it’t time for an upgrade. Nothing will make your room pop like a new sofa. It’s the single most dramatic and exciting way to give new life to the living room. There’s a good chance that the sofa you own was not bought for the home where you currently live (we Americans sure have become nomadic). Try choosing a sofa that actually matches your space! The ability to use the sofa color in tandem with the wall color or the rug color can be the exact spark you need to truly make your living room pop!

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If you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive way to add a shot of life to your living room then adding some new accents is a surefire method of success. There are dozens of different ways to add accents to your living room, but the most essential ones are toss pillows, throw blankets, wall decor, and coffee table accessories. Focus on these aspects to give your room an instant boost of energy! Toss pillows are a great way to add a splash of color or create a new, interesting sense of contrast. Try introducing a new texture like shag or linen via your toss pillows. The same is true of throw blankets. They’re a simple accent that is so easy to accessorize. Also, if you’ve had the same old coffee table books littering your room for a few years then it’s definitely time to shake things up.Choose some cool new art or design books that are not only interesting to leaf through but tie into the color scheme or style of your space. Don’t underestimate the power of a great new wall clock, either. These a a hot, hip new way to add style to a space!

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Your mom did it. Your grandma did it. So why aren’t you doing it? I’m talking, of course, about decorating your home according to the season! It might seem a little hokey, but there’s a reason your ancestors performed this decorating ritual – it keeps things fresh! You don’t have to have a whole basement-full of knick-knacks to pull this off, either. You can achieve this same effect by maintaining a vase with seasonal flowers or blooms in it. Or you can switch out accent pieces like your toss pillows, throw blankets, or even artwork depending on the season. This keeps your living room design in a constant rotation that keeps it feeling lively and energized. You’ll really feel the pop every time you change up the seasonal look!


There’s nothing fresher than plants. And there’s no way to make your space feel fresher or make it pop than by adding some new houseplants! Plants are fantastic accessories because they can go almost anywhere. Have a bookshelf that needs some life? Give it a plant! Have a dreary corner that’s begging for a refresh? Give it a plant! Coffee tables, media stands, alcoves, ceiling hooks – these are all perfect places to add plants or flowers. Each plant brings a vibrant pop of color to your space. It also makes your home feel healthier and more inviting. Worried that you can’t take care of plants? Not to worry! There are plenty of low maintenance plants that will work in your home whether you have a green thumb or not. Really don’t have a green thumb? Then it’s a good thing that cactus are still in style!

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  1. Robin Mcdermott

    May 1, 2018 at 6:49 am

    Nice ideas and I completely agree with you that while choosing sofas and furniture, care must be taken to make sure that it must not take all the space, though sofa makes the living room beautiful, it should not make it look congested.


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