Color Combo of the Month | Pink & Pewter

It’s October. And what are the two colors that you immediately think of when it comes to October? That’s right – pink and pewter! We at Apt2B love Halloween as

Apt2B Color Combo of the Month – Black And White

Yin and yang. Light and dark. Contrast and harmony. “The cookie”. Black and white have been the two opposing and equal forces in the design world since… forever. There’s nothing

The 5 Trends That Hit The Jackpot At This Summer’s Las Vegas Home Show

Gambling. Playboy bunnies. Tom Jones. The Strip. Wedding Chapels. The King. Las Vegas is known for many things, but did you know that twice per year Las Vegas transforms into

White bedding is great for a cottage look

Trending Now: 10 Bedrooms That Win With White Bedding

The airy crispness of fresh white bedding feels especially welcome in the warmer months of the year, when we’re all just trying to stay cool. These 10 popular new bedroom

Color Combo of the Month: Petal Blue + Aspire Yellow

What’s better than having one Color of the Month? Having two Colors of the Month! Instead of celebrating one lonely, individual color, this month we’ve decided to celebrate the combination

Apt2B Artist Spotlight: Loui Jover & Scott Rohlfs

Every piece of home decor is a reflection of personality. Whether you’re a homeowner who meticulously curates every piece of decor in your home or you’re a person who acquires

A Bench Is The Decor Your Home’s Been Missing

For too long the bench has been reserved for public parks, bus stops, and baseball dugouts. They deserve better. Benches are versatile, low-profile, and downright useful. Thankfully the interior design

Apt2B & Deny Designs

Brand Crush: Deny Designs

Deny Designs is undeniably the most unique home decor brand in the biz (I wanted to get that ‘undeniable’ pun out of the way early). They’ve made a name for

Check out the Ashbury Apt2B's Tie Dye Sofa Celebrating the 50 Year Anniversary of The Summer of Love

The Ashbury – Apt2B’s Groovy New Tie Dye Sofa

Apt2B is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the famous Summer of Love with the introduction of the Ashbury Sofa, a game-changing take on tie dye that brings the tie dye style

Get The Look: Welcome To The Jungle

The mysteries of the jungle have captivated the imaginations of man since the dawn of time. Exotic animals, impossibly tall trees, and the endless potential for discovery have created a