Color Combo November 2017 Chestnut + Sienna

Color Combo of the Month | Chestnut & Sienna

‘Chestnuts roasting on an open fire’. You might think it’s too early to start singing holiday songs, but you have to admit that the image of roasting chestnuts is downright

Find Your New Favorite Apt2B Fabric

Apt2B is a company that doesn’t rest on its laurels. We’re always striving to push the envelope in design, selection, and customer service. That’s why we’re proud to announce a

6 Steps For A Holiday Ready Home

If you haven’t checked your calendar recently then you might be surprised to learn that it’s already November. Yes, that’s right. November. That means that the holiday season is upon

Fall Fashion Color Trends For Your Home Furnishings

It simply wouldn’t be Fall without the number one event of the season. No, we’re not talking about the reintroduction of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. And we’re not talking about

Introducing The Penthouse Collection from Kyle Schuneman

Apt2B and designer Kyle Schuneman are proud to introduce the Penthouse Collection.  The Penthouse Collection is one part sophistication, two parts class, and it’s topped off with a playful twist

Color Combo of the Month | Pink & Pewter

It’s October. And what are the two colors that you immediately think of when it comes to October? That’s right – pink and pewter! We at Apt2B love Halloween as

Apt2B Color Combo of the Month – Black And White

Yin and yang. Light and dark. Contrast and harmony. “The cookie”. Black and white have been the two opposing and equal forces in the design world since… forever. There’s nothing

The 5 Trends That Hit The Jackpot At This Summer’s Las Vegas Home Show

Gambling. Playboy bunnies. Tom Jones. The Strip. Wedding Chapels. The King. Las Vegas is known for many things, but did you know that twice per year Las Vegas transforms into

White bedding is great for a cottage look

Trending Now: 10 Bedrooms That Win With White Bedding

The airy crispness of fresh white bedding feels especially welcome in the warmer months of the year, when we’re all just trying to stay cool. These 10 popular new bedroom

Color Combo of the Month: Petal Blue + Aspire Yellow

What’s better than having one Color of the Month? Having two Colors of the Month! Instead of celebrating one lonely, individual color, this month we’ve decided to celebrate the combination