How to Bring Summer Fun Into the Dining Room

Guest Post by Houzz and Laura Gaskill Sitting down to the table still in damp swimsuits and towels. A tray of something delicious just pulled off the grill. Summer dinners are

How To Make Your Home An Airbnb Mecca

Thinking about listing your house, apartment, guest room, garage, walk-in closet, or garden shed on Airbnb? There’s definitely a right way to make sure that your space is Airbnb ready…

Apt2B & Deny Designs

Brand Crush: Deny Designs

Deny Designs is undeniably the most unique home decor brand in the biz (I wanted to get that ‘undeniable’ pun out of the way early). They’ve made a name for

Kyle Schuneman 2BHack Neon Sofa Legs

DIY: 3 Ways To Spruce Up Your Sofa Legs – Part 1: Neon Legs | #2BHack

Watch our 3-part easy DIY video series as Apt2B resident designer, Kyle Schuneman, shows you how to give your couch a new look one leg at a time. There’s a

Color of the Month: Green – Insights from the Pros at Colorhouse

Green is the color of the natural environment and carries several positive psychological qualities. Green is often associated with springtime, freshness, renewal, and growth. In general, green often evokes feelings

The Closet Organization Secrets Everyone Needs To Know

There’s nothing like a good, consistent morning routine. Doing yoga. Making a healthy breakfast. Showering. Reading the news. Thinking to yourself, “wow, I really need to organize my closet.” Yes,

Apt2B Gives Out Free Donuts For The Launch Of Their Ashbury Limited Edition Tie-Dye Sofa

Apt2B Spreads The Love With Free Donuts

On June 21st, Apt2B celebrated the summer solstice by inviting our modern throwback, the limited edition Ashbury Sofa, to take center stage in our summer lineup. Each sofa features a

Happy 4th of July with Apt2B

Celebrate The 4th Of July With Apt2B

The 4th of July is as American as a bald eagle wearing a baseball cap, drinking a beer, and shooting a rifle from the back of a pickup truck. It’s

#2BHack Chalkboard Table

DIY: Watch Designer Kyle Schuneman Make A Chalkboard Dining Table | #2BHack

Watch as Apt2B resident designer, Kyle Schuneman, takes our Murtaugh Extendable Dining Table and uses chalkboard paint to give it a fun, versatile new finish in this DIY #2BHack. Ever

Accent Wall: Why Your Wall Should Have A Sexy Accent

If walls could talk… you would want them to have a sexy accent. So why not give them one? The accent wall was all the rage several years ago, but

Check out the Ashbury Apt2B's Tie Dye Sofa Celebrating the 50 Year Anniversary of The Summer of Love

The Ashbury – Apt2B’s Groovy New Tie Dye Sofa

Apt2B is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the famous Summer of Love with the introduction of the Ashbury Sofa, a game-changing take on tie dye that brings the tie dye style